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July 22, 2019: Construction of Orion spacecraft for Artemis-1 flight completed

Lockheed Martin says that it has completed the final assembly phase of the first full Orion spacecraft. At a ceremony to mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, US Vice President Mike Pence made the public announcement in front of the spacecraft at the Neil Armstrong Operations and Checkout Building at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

In addition to Pence, Saturday's ceremony included such dignitaries as Lockheed Martin's President, Chairman and CEO Marillyn Hewson, NASA's Administrator Jim Bridenstine, Kennedy Space Center's Director Robert Cabana, and Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis. The announcement comes a week after the crew capsule module and the service module built by ESA were stacked and then thoroughly integrated and tested.

The completion comes almost 11 months after the inner capsule or pressure vessel of the Orion Exploration Mission-2 (EM-2) spacecraft, now called Artemis-1, arrived at Kennedy for final assembly. This included installation of major spacecraft systems, including avionic computers, harnesses, propulsion systems, a 16-ft (5-m) polymer heat shield, 11 parachutes, and the exterior hull. It was then bolted to the service module and the umbilicals connected.

According to Lockheed, the capsule and the service module were stacked in the same Final Assembly and System Testing (FAST) cell where the Apollo spacecraft were assembled. Orion is scheduled to power up in September and will then be shipped to NASA's Plum Brook Station in Ohio for environmental testing in a large thermal vacuum chamber, which will be followed by electromagnetic testing.

If all goes well, the spacecraft will return to the space center by the end of the year for final preparations before the launch of Artemis-1 next year. This will be an unmanned mission that will circumnavigate the Moon as a final certification test before the manned Artemis-2 mission scheduled for 2022.

"Orion is a new class of spaceship, uniquely designed for long-duration deep space flight that will return astronauts to the Moon and eventually take the first humans to Mars, and bring them all back safely." says Lisa Callahan, vice president and general manager of Commercial Civil Space at Lockheed Martin. "Orion will accelerate scientific discovery of our solar system and will be the cornerstone of the defining space achievement of this era."

Source: Lockheed Martin


NASA bietet die Chance, die APOLLO 11 - Mission in Real Time (RT) mitzuerleben

- 50 Jahre später ! Der Start erfolgte heute vor 50 Jahren: 1969-07-16

Alle Details entnehmen Sie bitte den folgenden Originalinformationen der NASA:


Apollo 11 in Real Time, 50 Years Later

Image Apollo 11 in Real Time

The main page of Apollo 11 in Real Time. Visitors can either begin the mission at the time of launch or they can choose to click “Now” and experience it 50 years later to the second

Credits: apolloinrealtime.org

Cont'd -> click on "Weiterlesen"                                                                                                                                 

NASA Celebrates

50th Anniversary of Historic Moon Landing with Live TV Broadcast, Events

Apollo 50

NASA will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 Moon mission and look to the future of exploration on the Moon and Mars with a live, two-hour television broadcast Friday, July 19, and partner- led events taking place across the country from July 16 through July 20.

On July 16, 1969, astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins lifted off from Launch Pad 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on a journey to the Moon and into history. Four days later, while Collins orbited the Moon in the command module, Armstrong and Aldrin landed Apollo 11’s lunar module, Eagle, on the Moon’s Sea of Tranquility, becoming the first humans to set foot on the lunar surface.

Highlights of events in which NASA is participating include:

July 16 – Apollo 11 Launch Reflection at Pad 39A

Apollo 11 astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins will reunite at the historic launch pad where Apollo 11 began its mission 50 years ago for a question-and-answer session with Kennedy Center Director Bob Cabana, beginning at 9:15 a.m. EDT, followed by a visit the Launch Control Center and Firing Room 1 to connect with Apollo-era launch controllers and those who will launch the Artemis missions that are part of America’s Moon to Mars approach for human space exploration.

This event will air live on NASA Television and the agency’s website.

July 16 – World Record Model Rocket Launch Attempt

At 8:32 a.m. CDT – the same time as the Apollo 11 mission lifted off from Florida 50 years ago –

the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, the official visitor center for NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, in Huntsville, Alabama, will host a Guinness Book of World Records attempt for most model rockets launched simultaneously from a single location.

On the same day, the Apollo 50th Global Rocket Launch, a 24-hour challenge, will be held in conjunction with partners launching around the world. Groups may register at:

Apollo 50 - Global Launch

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Save the Date: 19-21 November, 2019 Bremen, Germany

     For more information visit:



Veranstaltungs-Zeitraum / sessions' time frame: Juli - September 2019

Die Vorträge finden prinzipiell

mittwochs um 18:00 Uhr in der Upperdeck Lounge des Bremer Flughafens (BRE) statt.

The sessions are scheduled in general for

Wednesdays at 06:00 pm in the Upperdeck Lounge of the Airport Bremen (BRE).

Logo VDI Bez Bremen AK Luft und Raumfahrttechnik    rha logo 113px     BRE Bremen Airport    AIRbe Logo Redesign3 227 76px


02. Vortrag 2019 / 02. session 2019:                                                               2019-07-09

2019-Sept.-xx, Dr. Wolfgang Both, RHA:
Details in Absprache / in coordination



(kommende Vortragstermine mit Vortragsthemen sowie Lageplan unter > 

 for future sessions' details and sketch of location see > Weiterlesen)


Deutschland 75x50 px

Ergebnisse der Neuwahlen der Jahreshauptversammlung (JHV) 2019:


1. Vorsitzender:   Ulrich Bremer

2. Vorsitzender:   Rüdiger Kledzik

Kassenwart:        Reiner Nürge (i.P.U.) / 
                            unterstützt durch: Hans-Wilhelm Usedom (gemäß ergänzendem Beschluss des Vorstands)

Schriftführer:       Reiner Nürge


Grossbritannien 75x50 px                  USA 75x50 px

Election Results of Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2019:

Management Board:

1. Chairmain:      Ulrich Bremer

2. Chairman:       Rüdiger Kledzik

Treasurer:           Reiner Nürge (at the same time) / 
                            supported by: Hans-Wilhelm Usedom (acc. to complementary decision of Management Board)

Secretary:           Reiner Nürge


gez. / provided by:   Rolf B. Krukenberg             aktualisiert / updated 2019-04-30 (initial: 2019-03-16)


Am Mittwoch 02. Mai 2018 berichtet der NDR im 3. Programm

live aus Bremen vom Gelände der AIRBUS Defence & Space im

Rahmen der Sendereihe "Mein Nachmittag" 16:20 - 17:10 Uhr


TV-Story from AIRBUS Defence & Space Bremen area as of May 02, 2018
on backgrounds of international Space business, Ariane 5 production and
on COLUMBUS mockup to show micro-g environment effects in space.


Live unterwegs: bei Airbus Defence & Space in Bremen

Sternstunden 2018 – Wir schauen bei Airbus hinter die Kulissen der Forschung und Entwicklung rund um die internationale Raumfahrt. Wir sind bei der Montage der Trägerrakete Ariane 5 dabei. Der Nachbau des Weltraumlabors Columbus zeigt, wie Astronauten unter den Bedingungen der Schwerelosigkeit Experimente durchführen und wie der Alltag im Weltraum aussieht.

Link / Quelle mit weiterführenden Informationen:                                    oder nach dem 02.05. direkt ansehen als:

NDR 3 - Mein Nachmittag vom 02.05.2018                                 Beitrag in der NDR Mediathek

RHA-Hinweis: Auf die Form der Präsentationen vom NDR haben wir keinen Einfluss.


In der Sendung "Buten & Binnen", dem Bremer Regionalmagazin von Radio Bremen wurde im Rahmen der Wochenserie "Bremens Weg zum Weltraumstandort" am 30. Mai 2017 über uns berichtet.

 BuBi Bericht 30 05 2017

[Buten & Binnen Beitrag "Bremens Weg zum Weltraumstandort"]
"Vor 55 Jahren begannen Bremer Unternehmen im Bereich Raumfahrt tätig zu werden. Im zweiten Teil unserer Wochenserie 'Aus Bremen ins All' zeigt Frido Essen, wie Bremen zu so einem wichtigen Standort der Raumfahrt geworden ist. Autor: Frido Essen" (butenunbinnen.de)


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