Status Update 2021-05-02:

Notification from Site Management: Due to persistent COVID 19-Pandemic, access to RHA archive rooms is not granted, at least until end of June / 
Mitteilung der Standort-Leitung: Der Zugang zu den RHA Archivräumen ist weiterhin, noch bis Ende Juni, wg. der anhaltenden COVID 19-Pandemie nicht gestattet /


 Welcome to the club "Raumfahrthistorisches Archiv Bremen e.V." (RHA)



The club RHA, i.e. Bremen Archive of Space History, would like to introduce you to the history of space flight in Bremen (Germany) with this website. The given explanations are supported by descriptive illustrations and corresponding data.

Until today we have published 19 books (17 of them are relevant to the history as well as to space projects of the company / book 18 contains presentation papers from 2018 which address aviation and space activities in Northern Germany / book 19 tells the story of the club "Verein für Raumschiffahrt" in the years from 1923 to 1934).

Detailed launch tables identify major projects which have been managed, or contributed to, by the company since it was founded back in 1961 as “ERNO”, nowadays named “AIRBUS”.

Space flight in Bremen — a long-lasting success story...